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MD-CPPW Goal 9: Active Transportation and Recreation

Goal: Increase active transportation and recreation through improvements in the built environment such as enhancing facilities, planning, zoning and transportation policies as well as developing a county wide-signage system.
  1. Parks and Open Space and Recreation Activities will be Accessible and Equitable according to the level of service standards 
  2. Improve Urban Design Manual Volume I (Private Development), Pattern Book, Safe Routes to Parks (SRTP) and Way-finding Signage.  
  3. Improve Meaningful Open Space in the Public Realm to Encourage Incidental Physical Activities by enhancing the Urban Design Manual Volume 2 (Public Development)
  4. Enhance bicycle facilities and signage in order to create a safe and user-friendly network of walking and bicycling routes (City of Miami and City of North Miami
Associated Consortium Committee: Health and the Built Environment
Implementing Partners: City of Miami, City of North Miami, Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation