Clear the Air

A Good Idea


Clear the Air Utah is a state-wide challenge that seeks to improve air quality in Utah by encouraging and supporting citizens to make smarter transportation choices.

There are two versions of the program: a winter version which focuses on reducing particulate matter 2.5 and a summer version which aims to reduce ozone. Clear the Air encourages participants to use public transportation more and drive less by carpooling and "tele-working." Participants receive text messages that alert them when pollution is projected to build up and also receive support as they aim to reduce the environmental impact of their commutes. In addition, the program offers workshops and other guidance on how to protect the air.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Clear the Air Utah is to improve the air quality in Utah.

Results / Accomplishments

As of 2011, Clear the Air has succeeded in encouraging over 5,000 participants to save 115,430 miles, which equals nearly 200,000 pounds of emissions saved.

About this Promising Practice

Primary Contact
Kate Lilja
Environment / Air
Breathe Utah, the Utah Division of Air Quality, and Salt Lake City
Date of implementation
Additional Audience
Utah Residents