Prohibiting Smoking in Pedestrian Plazas and Public Parks

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On February 2, 2011, members of the New York City Council (the Council) voted to expand the city's Smoke Free Air Act, banning smoking in city parks, beaches, marinas, boardwalks, pools, recreation centers, pedestrian plazas, and all other property under the jurisdiction of the Parks Department. As one impetus for the legislation, the Council cited the results of a recent study in New York City, which found that 2.5 million people had been exposed to high enough levels of second hand smoke to result in measurable levels of residue in their bodies. The law will be enforced by the Parks Department and if violated, may result in a $50 fine per violation.

Goal / Mission

The goal of the law is to protect the health of New Yorkers by reducing second hand smoke exposure.

Results / Accomplishments

The law was signed into legislation on February 2, 2011; no evaluation has taken place at this time.

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Christine C. Quinn, City Council Speaker
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