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The Promising Practices database informs professionals and community members about documented approaches to improving community health and quality of life.

The ultimate goal is to support the systematic adoption, implementation, and evaluation of successful programs, practices, and policy changes. The database provides carefully reviewed, documented, and ranked practices that range from good ideas to evidence-based practices.
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California Green Jobs Corps (Sacramento)

Filed under Good Idea, Economy / Employment, Teens

Goal: The goal of the California Green Corps is to place 1,000 at-risk young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 into "green" jobs in order to stimulate the economy and provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth while improving and protecting the environment.

Grown in Ivanhoe (Kansas City, MO)

Filed under Good Idea, Economy, Children, Families, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Urban

Goal: Grown in Ivanhoe strives to achieve a just and equitable food environment in the Ivanhoe community by ensuring that residents have the information and resources needed to provide healthy, affordable foods for themselves and their families.

Impact: Grown in Ivanhoe has increased local food production and established resources for access to healthy foods.

Keep America Beautiful (USA)

Filed under Good Idea, Environment, Children, Teens, Adults

Goal: The goal of Keep America Beautiful is to coordinate and empower local communities to prevent litter, reduce waste, and beautify communities.

The Memphis Environmental Court (Shelby County, TN)

Filed under Effective Practice, Government & Politics / Government Responsiveness, Families

Goal: The Memphis Enviromental Court was designed to serve as the chief vehicle for enforcing a wide range of laws relating to the health and quality of life of its residents, and to give new meaning to the term "expedient justice" by its ability to respond in a quick and consistent manner. In 1991 the Tennessee State Legislature created the Shelby County Environmental Court, and expanded the new court's powers to include the "injunctive authority" to mandate that defendants comply with the environmental codes.

Turn it Off - Toronto's program to reduce car idling (Toronto)

Filed under Effective Practice, Transportation / Personal Vehicle Travel, Adults, Urban

Goal: Toronto’s “Turn it Off” initiative sought to encourage motorists to avoid idling their cars when picking up or dropping off at school or at public transportation terminals, which in turn would improve air quality and help reduce urban contribution to climate change.

Violence Prevention Curriculum (Prothrow-Stith Program) (Richmond, VA)

Note: This practice has been Archived.

Filed under Effective Practice, Health / Prevention & Safety, Teens, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Urban

Goal: To reduce violence among low-income African American youth in urban settings.